Automobile Engineering

Academic Year Wise Faculty List




To provide highly competent technical manpower to meet the ever changing needs of the automotive industry and the society.


1. To provide technical knoledge for achieving academic excellence.
2. To enhance various technical skills to fulfil needs of industry and society.
3. To facilitate development of enterprenuarship skills in students.

Program Educational Objectives:

1. To prepare students for successful career in automotive and ancillary industries.
2. To provide students with sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necesary to formulate, solve and analyse engineering problems and to prepare them for graduation studies.
3. To promote student's awareness for the lifelong learning and to introduce them to proffessional ethics and codes of proffessional practice communicating effectively in the world of work.

Program Outcomes:

1. Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.

2. Problem analysis: Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.

3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.

4. Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

5. Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

6. Project Management: Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities

7. Life-long learning: Ability to analyse individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.

Program Specific Outcomes:

1. The students will be able to use relevant technologies in maintenance of Automobiles.

2. The students will be able to use relevant machinery, materials, equipment & process to manufacture automobile components.


At SESP, we believe that the faculty plays a fundamental role in the development of the students and our faculty here has a harmonious blend of academic background, and well supported by senior faculty members, along with other well qualified and experienced staff members.The faculty keeps pace with the latest global developments by attending Seminars, Workshops and Value Addition Programs.

Mr. Diwakar L. B.
Designation: I/C H.O.D.
Date Of Joining: 11/08/1997
Nature Of Association: Regular
Qualification: M.E. (Heat Power Engineering)
Total Experience : 22 Years
Mr. Kulkarni P. S.
Designation: Lecturer
Date Of Joining: 01/07/2009
Nature Of Association: Contract
Qualification: B.E. (Automobile Engineering)
Total Experience: 09 Years
Mr. Samleti G. N.
Designation: Lecturer
Date Of Joining: 05/07/2011
Nature Of Association: Contact
Qualification: M.E. (Mechanical Design)
Total Experience: 07 Years

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Vibhute G. S.
Designation: T.L.A.
Qualification: D.A.E.
Total Experience : 23 Years

Mr. Biradar C. T.
Designation: L.A.
Qualification: D.A.E.
Total Experience: 13 Years


1. Automobile Engine Lab
2. Auto Chasis Lab
3. Vehicle Systems Maintenance Lab
4. Automotive Electrical And Electronic Systems Lab